Please be advised that E-Check and credit card payments can only be made via the Internet.

A convenience fee will be charged to the user for each transaction. The fee for using an E-Check is a flat $1.95 per transaction. The fee for using a debit/credit card is 2.95% of the transaction.

The interest listed on delinquent amounts is calculated to today’s date. Please contact our office to obtain interest calculations for a future date.

Tax account look up is for informational purposes only and does not constitute a municipal Tax Search. Account information is subject to updates, corrections and reversals. Ocean Gate Borough is not responsible for erroneous interpretation of the records or for changes made after the look up.

Billing Information

If sending payments for Tax, Water and Sewer via bill pay, please make sure that the block and lot is noted for taxes, and the correct account # is noted for water and sewer. Also, make sure that the check designates where the payment is to be applied.  A separate check is required for Tax, Water and Sewer.  Should you need further information please call  732-269-3166 ext. 110 or

Division of Taxation’s Property Tax Relief Program webpage at

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